Germany is the Guest Country of Honor

The International Professional Music Fair (FIMPRO) 2017 comes to Guadalajara

May 01, 2017

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The International Professional Music Fair 2017, FIMPRO (for its acronym in Spanish) is a space where music industry experts meet with the emerging talents of Mexico and Latin America. In this edition, the gathering will bring together about 800 professionals of the scene among which are: artists, managers, promoters, record labels, organizers, booking agencies, public relations and mass media.

This year Germany is the Guest Country of Honor. Sergio Arbelaez, content director of FIMPRO, said that the German nation will participate with a delegation of 15 music professionals and highlighted the presence of the Reeperbahn Festival, one of the most important in Hamburg.

FIMPRO will also present master lectures, workshops, performances, concerts, as well as networking activities, which will foster professional relationships with industry. For the music critic, Enrique Blanc, who is coordinator of the showcases, the selection process of artists and bands that are part of the 2017 edition was an adventure. "We launched the call for Latin America in our digital platform and received 593 entries from 20 countries, later the jury specialized in music and contemporary trends made a selection of the best”.

The jury is made up of Alfonso Muriedas, director of the Festival Nrmal of Mexico City; Siddhartha, composer and tapatío* singer; Valerie Miranda, founding partner of the Mexican label Cassete and collaborator in Spotify; Humphrey Inzillo, music journalist; and Eduardo Calvillo, director of the Ruido Fest, which is annually held in Chicago.

With an expected attendance of 10,000 people, the fourth edition of FIMPRO will receive 28 bands from 11 countries, which are part of a multicultural collage and diverse genres such as: world music, pop, rock, cumbia, hip hop, electronic, reggae and jazz like: Danicattack, Edson Velandia, and La Boa (Colombia); Mis Garrison, Amanitas, and Los Celestinos (Chile); Francisco el Hombre, Anelis Assumpção (Brazil); Mina (Ecuador); Les Deuxluxes (Canada); Sven von Thülen (Germany); Suite Bizarre (Spain); El Chavez, King Coya & Queen Cholas, and Tototomas (Argentina); Carmen Costa (Mexico / Argentina); Laguna Pai (Peru); Gaby Moreno (USA); Campo, and Luciano Supervielle (Uruguay).

On the part of Mexico, those participating are: Kumantukxuxpë, Ramona and The Chamanas. Baltazar, San Pedro el Cortez, Smoke Rings Quartet, Fanko, Vico Díaz Toktli, representing the city of Guadalajara.

According to Igor Lozada, Secretary of Cultural Linking and Diffusion of the University of Guadalajara, the creative industries are driving the economy in different regions of the country, which is why FIMPRO's main premise is to have background content that generates identity and the professionalization of new proposals. "The same industry was the one that asked that FIMPRO be realized annually, and not every two years. One sign of its success is the number of bands registered to participate in the showcases”.

The International Professional Music Fair, FIMPRO will be held from May 25th to 28th in various locations such as: the Teatro Cavaret, the Casa Clover Lawn, Palíndromo, Rambla Cataluña, Cineforo and Vía libertad, in Guadalajara city.

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