About Conaculta

The National Council for Culture and Arts (Conaculta) was created to coordinate cultural and artistic policies, organizations, and agencies. Also, it is dedicated to promote, support and sponsor events that foster culture and arts.

The inmediate precedent of Conaculta was the Department of Culture of the Ministry of Public Education; however, it became independent by presidential decree in 1988, annexing all institutions, departments and agencies from other ministries with mandates of a cultural nature.

Among the reasons that led to its foundation is its role in stimulating and encouraging both artistic and cultural creation, ensuring full freedom of creators. In the same way, it was considered that Conaculta must encourage artistic expressions of social groups from different regions across the country in order to promote, preserve and enrich historic, artistic and cultural heritage of the nation.


Foundation: December 7, 1988

Mission: Conaculta is the institution responsible for fully preserving Mexico´s cultural heritage in all its artistic and cultural manifestations and also stimulating programs towards its creation, development and diffusion.
The actions of Conaculta are designed to maintain a professional commitment that benefits all of Mexican society to the promotion and dissemination of the artistic and cultural sector.

Vision: To become the most relevant national institution in the cultural and artistic sector. To stimulate artistic and cultural creation by ensuring full creative freedom. This, in acknowledgement of the fact that it is the duty of the State to promote and disseminate national identity and heritage.

To elevate the presence of Mexican art and culture through projects, exhibitions, cultural events, and cinematography.

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