Conaculta currently consists of the following administrative units:

1. President’s Office

2. National Liaison of Institutional Development

3. Executive Secretary’s Office

4. General Department of Monuments and Cultural Heritage Sites

5. Department of the National Center for the Conservation of Cultural Railroad Heritage web

6. General Library Department web

7. General Administrative Department

8. National Liaison’s Office for Quality and Innovation

9. National Liaison’s Office for Labor Relations

10. General Department of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts web

11. General Department of Public Communications

12. General Legal Department

13. Office of the Secretary of Culture and the Arts

14. General Department of the National Center for the Arts web

15. Hellenic Cultural Center Division web

16. General Folk Culture Division web

17. General Cultural Outreach Division web

18. National Liaison for Cultural Heritage and Tourism web

19. National Liaison for Childhood Cultural Development web

20. Liaison for the National System of Musical Promotion web

21. General Department of International Affairs web

22. General Publications Department web

Represented in this organizational chart are National Liaisons and Divisions whose hierarchical dependency once corresponded to the Secretary’s Offices, and now fall to the Presidency or their respective General Divisions. It should be noted that the following are also included as part of Council operations:

23. The Vasconcelos Library web

24. The International Cervantes Festival web

25. The National Sound Archives web

On the other hand, as one of its basic functions, the Conaculta coordinates 10 major public agencies that form part of the basic structure of Mexico’s cultural administration:

1. The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) web

2. The National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) web

3. The Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE) web

4. Metropolitan Television (Channel 22) web

5. Churubusco Azteca Studios (ECHASA) web

6. The National Cinema Archives (Cineteca) web 7. The Cinematographic Training Center, A.C. (CCC) web

8. The Operating Company for the Tijuana Center for Culture and Tourism (CECUT) web

9. Educational Radio web

10. EDUCAL bookstores web

In addition, the National Council for Culture and the Arts takes a leadership role in the following triumvirate units:

1. Trust for the Use and Employment of the National Auditorium, also integrated by the Federal District Government and the public sector.

2. The mandate known as the Former College of San Ildefonso, also constituted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Federal District Government.


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